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Second declension, nominative singular in -er.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative {{{1}}} {{{2}}}ī
Genitive {{{2}}}ī {{{2}}}ōrum
Dative {{{2}}}ō {{{2}}}īs
Accusative {{{2}}}um {{{2}}}ōs
Ablative {{{2}}}ō {{{2}}}īs
Vocative {{{1}}}1 {{{2}}}ī

1May also be {{{2}}}e.

See also[edit]

Second declension-table templates for Latin:

case \ Template: la-decl-2nd -N -er -Greek -N-Greek -ius loc=1 neuter loc=1 -N-us
Example(s) torus datum (ager) agr- mȳthos xiphion aquarius Cyprus
nominative sg. -us -um (1) -os -on -ius -us -um -us
genitive sg. -iī
dative sg. -iō
accusative sg. -um -um -um -on1 -on -ium -um -um -us
ablative sg. -iō
vocative sg. -e -um (1) -e -on -os -um -us
locative sg.
nominative pl. -a -a -iī -a
genitive pl. -ōrum -ōrum -ōrum -ōrum -ōrum -iōrum -ōrum -ōrum
dative pl. -īs -īs -īs -īs -īs -iīs -īs -īs
accusative pl. -ōs -a -ōs -ōs -a -iōs -ōs -a
ablative pl. -īs -īs -īs -īs -īs -iīs -īs -īs
vocative pl. -a -a -iī -a
locative pl. -īs -īs

1 Or -um.

orange text = template entry differs from la-decl-2nd

(1) = first parameter is shown (second is used as stem)