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First declension.

Number Singular Plural
nominative -a -ae
genitive -ae -ārum
dative -ae -īs
accusative -am -ās
ablative -īs
vocative -a -ae

Usage and parameters[edit]


1 = a nominative Latin word (with macrons), usually this is the same as the lemma. Use the singular unless it is only used as plural. Special exceptions are:

  • if the word allows an -ābus suffix, give the -ābus form
  • If the word has a locative form, instead use {{la-decl-first-loc|1}} with the nominative singular or plural form.

This template will choose the correct declension table based on the word ending.

Comparison to previous templates[edit]

Examples of this template's syntax compared to pre-Lua templates:


  • in all cases except -ābus words, the first parameter is also the word's lemma (i.e. the main Wiktionary entry where the declension table appears)


  • {{la-decl-first|candēla}}

First declension.

Number Singular Plural
nominative candēla candēlae
genitive candēlae candēlārum
dative candēlae candēlīs
accusative candēlam candēlās
ablative candēlā candēlīs
vocative candēla candēlae
  • {{la-decl-first|galaxiās}}

First declension, Greek type masculine in -ās.

Number Singular Plural
nominative galaxiās galaxiae
genitive galaxiae galaxiārum
dative galaxiae galaxiīs
accusative galaxiān galaxiās
ablative galaxiā galaxiīs
vocative galaxiā galaxiae
  • {{la-decl-first|hyperbolē}}

First declension, Greek type.

Number Singular Plural
nominative hyperbolē hyperbolae
genitive hyperbolēs hyperbolārum
dative hyperbolae hyperbolīs
accusative hyperbolēn hyperbolās
ablative hyperbolē hyperbolīs
vocative hyperbolē hyperbolae
  • {{la-decl-first|deābus}}

First declension with dative/ablative plural in -ābus.

Number Singular Plural
nominative dea deae
genitive deae deārum
dative deae deābus
accusative deam deās
ablative deā deābus
vocative dea deae
  • {{la-decl-first|Ābraham}}

First declension with nominative singular in -am.

Number Singular Plural
nominative Ābraham Ābrahae
genitive Ābrahae Ābrahārum
dative Ābrahae Ābrahīs
accusative Ābraham Ābrahās
ablative Ābrahā Ābrahīs
vocative Ābraham Ābrahae
  • {{la-decl-first|sophistēs}}

First declension, Greek type masculine in -ēs.

Number Singular Plural
nominative sophistēs sophistae
genitive sophistae sophistārum
dative sophistae sophistīs
accusative sophistēn sophistās
ablative sophistē sophistīs
vocative sophistē sophistae
  • {{la-decl-first|nūgae}} (plural only)

First declension.

Number Plural
nominative nūgae
genitive nūgārum
dative nūgīs
accusative nūgās
ablative nūgīs
vocative nūgae

First declension with locative.

Number Singular
nominative Oceania
genitive Oceaniae
dative Oceaniae
accusative Oceaniam
ablative Oceaniā
vocative Oceania
locative Oceaniae

First declension with locative.

Number Plural
nominative Athēnae
genitive Athēnārum
dative Athēnīs
accusative Athēnās
ablative Athēnīs
vocative Athēnae
locative Athēnīs

Singular/plural number parameter (num)[edit]

  • To show only the singular declensions (hiding the plural column), use num=sg. Using loc=y will also use this option if word ends in -a (or -ē, -ās, -ēs, -am)
  • To show only the plural declensions (hiding the singular column), use num=pl. This option will be used automatically if word ends in -ae.

{{la-decl-first|word|num=sg}} or {{la-decl-first|word|num=pl}}

Technical notes[edit]

  • List of permitted word endings: -a -ē -am -ae -ābus -ēs -ās
  • num=sg or num=pl is optional to show only the singular or plural column, but this parameter is unnecessary for normal usage.
  • num=both can be used to force both singular and plural columns to show when they wouldn't ordinarily (e.g. for locative words)
  • loc=y can be used instead of using the la-decl-first-loc, but to retain usage consistency it is not recommended
  • the first parameter defaults to the page name, so is not technically required for words which have no macrons. e.g. {{la-decl-first-loc}} is valid on Oceania
  • this template outputs using the same meta-template tables as existing la-decl-1st-* templates.

See also[edit]

First declension-table templates for Latin

Number Singular Plural
nominative -a, , -ās, -ēs, -am, -er -ae
genitive -ae, -ēs, -ās, -āī -ārum, -um
dative -ae -īs, -ābus
accusative -am, -ēn, -ān, -ēn -ās
ablative , , -īs, -ābus
vocative -a, , , , -am, -er -ae
locative -ae -īs
  • la-decl-1st (basic template), shown in bold: -a, -ae, etc

Changes from basic template: