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Use this template on the inflection line of Latin numeral forms other than the lemma (nominative masculine singular, in most cases where the numeral inflects).

The template adds the entry to Category:Latin numeral forms. As with other Wiktionary inflection line templates, please do not use subst:.

The template uses one argument, the page name with macrons. Simply enter the template under the Numeral heading, with the macron form as the only argument, as illustrated in the following example. If the inflected form uses no macrons, the argument should still be explicitly included.

E.g., on "tria":

# {{inflection of|tres|trēs|nom|n|lang=la}}
# {{inflection of|tres|trēs|acc|n|lang=la}}

The above code displays as follows:


  1. nominative neuter of trēs.
  2. accusative neuter of trēs.

When the required argument is omitted, the template will display the PAGENAME by default and add the entry to Category:Latin numeral forms needing attention.