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-{{{1}}}us m (feminine -{{{1}}}a, neuter -{{{1}}}um); first/second declension


Use this template on the inflection line of Latin suffix lemmata (nominative masculine singular, in most cases) for suffixes that follow a first and second declension inflectional pattern.

This template adds the entry to Category:Latin suffixes, and sorts according to the first parameter. As with other Wiktionary inflection line templates, please do not use subst:.

The template uses one arguments:

|1= the page name with macrons (if any), but without the suffix hyphen or the final -us

Simply enter the template under the Suffix heading, as illustrated in the following example.

E.g., on -ōsus:


The above code displays as follows:

-ōsus m (feminine -ōsa, neuter -ōsum); first/second declension