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Use this template on the inflection line of Latin suffix forms other than the lemma (nominative masculine singular, in most cases).

The template adds the entry to Category:Latin suffix forms. As with other Wiktionary inflection line templates, please do not use subst:.

The template uses one argument:

|1= the page name with macrons (if any), but without the suffix hyphen

E.g., on -ellī:

# {{inflection of|-ellus||nom|m|p|lang=la}}
# {{inflection of|-ellus||gen|m|s|lang=la}}
# {{inflection of|-ellus||gen|n|s|lang=la}}
# {{inflection of|-ellus||voc|m|p|lang=la}}

The above code displays as follows:


  1. nominative masculine plural of -ellus.
  2. genitive masculine singular of -ellus.
  3. genitive neuter singular of -ellus.
  4. vocative masculine plural of -ellus.

When the required argument {{{1}}} is omitted, the template will display the la-suffix-form by default and add the entry to Category:Latin suffix forms needing attention.