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New editors can use this template to generate entries in languages with less infrastructure. Use this template only with subst:.

Parameter Function
1= Either the language code or the language name
2= The part of speech
3= The definition, without [[]] or capitalization or "to" - just the word! You may wish to make more than one definition, and if you do, do it like you normally might and use # for all the definitions but the first.
alt= Optional. Add the content of an 'Alternative forms' section (preferably using * before each linked term).
ety= Optional. Add the content of an etymology section (preferably using {{etyl}} and {{term}}, or maybe {{compound}}).
pron= Optional. Just give the IPA pronunciation.
more= moreis= must be defined for this to work.
moreis= Optional. The content of another L3 section (including all formatting). Interwikis and other miscellanea can go here as well.
&more= more=, along with |&moreis=, which works just like |moreis=.
cat= Optional. A topical category within the language (just give the category name, like 'Foods' or 'Clothing').