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Use this template to generate entries in Haitian Creole. Use this template only with subst:.

Parameter Function
1= Defines the part of speech.
2= Optional. Defines the etymon, adds Etymology section. The etymon must be a French word.
3= Optional. Defines the meaning of the etymon.
4= 3= if missing. Use [[]]. You may wish to make more than one definition, and if you do, do it like you normally might and use # for all the definitions but the first.

For example:

{{subst:new ht entry|noun|||[[meaning]]
# [[another one]]}}
htetylz= Optional. Use {{htetylz}} in the etymology (set to "yes" or any other value)
etyl= 2=.
cat= Optional. A topical category. [[Category:ht:{{cat}}]]
list= Optional. A {{list}}