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no equivalent term in Undetermined, but see

This template is used in translations tables to indicate that a language (the code of which must be specified as the first parameter) has no equivalent term for an English term, but an ersatz (potentially unidiomatic / sum-of-parts descriptive) one can be provided. When a sum-of-parts phrase or a literally-different but equivalent term is the common direct / accurate translation of an English term, simply provide that phrase as an ordinary translation with the individual parts linked, as described in {{t}}, as in law-abiding (where the Italian translation is linked as {{t|it|rispettoso della legge}}) and devil's beating his wife (where the different literal meaning of the Afrikaans translation is given in a qualifier).

Compare Template:not used, for the rarer case when no translation, not even an unidiomatic / sum-of-parts descriptive translation, exists.