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This template is included on the user pages of admins to display their best five patrol rewards. The use of this template only makes sense for administrators since only they have the ability to patrol edits through the software. However, other users are in no way discouraged from looking at recent changes, making corrections, or undoing vandalism where it is found.

Reward levels are 1 for bronze, 2 for silver, and 3 for gold, based on the number of patrols, that is the number of edits that have been marked as checked for propriety. This template takes 52 parameters which are each of the rewards earned in any week over the past year, starting with the oldest and updated weekly by bot. Most weeks should be 0 because the various levels are only attained over a period of about a month. The bot also increments a shift= counter when discarding past weeks.

To place this template on your user page, once you have been granted adminship, add

{{patrol box}}

to your /Userboxes or other subpage, which may be protected, or directly on the user page if you do not mind the high volume of edits. The bot operator will be automatically alerted to the addition within the week. Alternatively, you may add

{{patrol box|user=...}}

to the list of participants.

This template relies on {{reward box}} which can be customized with img= and other parameters equally supported.


Template:reward boxTemplate:reward box

A snapshot of the current reward levels can be made at any time by previewing the patrol box with img=subst and copying the code in the box. For example, if the reward levels are as shown at right, then switching from img=barnstar to img=subst will produce the code in the box underneath. That code can be pasted as a static record onto an archive page, restoring img= to its original value. Do not copy and paste the full 52-week record onto the archive page because {{patrol box}} is somewhat resource-intensive.