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This template is designed for all Latin praenomina.


Only use this template for the praenomen's lemma entry (nominative). For non-lemma forms, use {{la-proper noun-form}}.

This template should be placed in all Latin praenomen entries, as the definition line following the hash character (#). It provides the definition line for the entry. The template also automatically categorizes the entry in Category:Latin praenomina or Category:Latin feminine praenomina according to the parameter values (but see Parameters below).


The standard parameters are all optional for masculine praenomina that are native to the Latin language. Feminine praenomina, as well as praenomina adopted from other languages require one or more of the following parameters:

{{{g}}} or {{{1}}} - specifies the gender; standard values are f for "feminine" & c for "common".[1] Masculine is the default and need never be specified.
{{{from}}} or {{{2}}} - specifies an ISO 639 language code for the language of etymological origin. This adds a second categorization to the entry (e.g. Category:Latin praenomina from Etruscan).

[1] The template also accepts the following values for {{{g}}}: fem, female, feminine, or common.