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This template is used in a Wiktionary entry to link to a page on an affiliated project. It's intended for "Further reading" sections and also also be found in "See also" and "References" sections.


This template requires only one parameter, the name of the project. By default, it links to the identically-titled article (except with an initial capital letter) on the English language project, with a message like this one:

Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg cloud on Wikipedia.Wikipedia

In addition, it puts a link to that article in the sidebar at left, assuming the reader is using the Monobook skin.

However, a few optional parameters are accepted:

  • The lang parameter is used to link to an article in a non-English project; if provided, it should be set to the language code used in interwiki links, which is usually (or always?) the first part of the article's domain name. For example, a link to an article on the French Wikipedia (fr.wikipedia.org) would set lang=fr.
  • The first parameter is used to link to page whose name isn't identical to that of the Wiktionary entry. This can be left empty to use the pagename. Alternatively, the dab parameter can be used to indicate that the target is a disambiguation page.
  • The second parameter is used to have different link text from the name of the linked article.

So, for example, {{projectlink|pedia|lang=fr|pétanque|la pétanque}} would produce the message:

Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg la pétanque on the French Wikipedia.Wikipedia fr

(though that's not necessarily a good idea; {{projectlink|pedia|lang=fr}} should quite suffice in this case).

As before, the link will appear in the sidebar as well.


Similar templates[edit]

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