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Usage and the parent template

This template, {{projectlink/Wikipedia}}, is a subpage of {{projectlink}}, a template that is used in a Wiktionary entry to link to a page on a sister project's site. Sister projects are the other wiki-based projects that, like Wiktionary, are also run by Wikimedia.

Unlike the parent template's more general purpose, {{projectlink/Wikipedia}} is specifically designed to link to a Wikipedia article. You can use the |lang= parameter to link to a Wikipedia in a language other than English. For the code to put in that parameter, see WT:Languages#Language codes.

To see related subpages and for more on the parent template, see Template:projectlink/documentation.


This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.

TemplateData for projectlink

Use this template to cite a Wikipedia article in a "See also", "External links" or "References" section.

Template parameters

This template prefers block formatting of parameters.

wikipedia page name1

The first parameter is used to link to page whose name isn't identical to that of the Wiktionary entry. This can be left empty to use the pagename.


The lang parameter is used to link to an article in a non-English project; if provided, it should be set to the language code used in interwiki links, which is usually (or always?) the first part of the article's domain name. For example, a link to an article on the French Wikipedia (fr.wikipedia.org) would set lang=fr.


Related templates

  • {{wikipedia}} — a floating box, placed directly under the language heading or relevant PoS heading
  • {{slim-wikipedia}} — slimmer version of the above
  • {{w}} — plain inline text link to Wikipedia