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This template generates an inflection table for Portuguese adjective entries.

The template uses Module:pt-adjectives as a back-end.


This template should be added to all Portuguese adjective entries.

The template should be placed within the Portuguese language section, immediately following the Inflection L4 header.

As with other Wiktionary inflection line templates, please do not use subst:.


The template uses the same two unnamed parameters as {{pt-adj}}. These provide the beginning of the adjective and the inflection type (ending). See the documentation of that template for more information.

The following parameters are additionally available:

aug=1: Show augmentative forms.
dim=1: Show diminutive forms.


  • {{pt-adj-infl|bonit|o}}
  • {{pt-adj-infl|bonit|o|aug=1}}
  • {{pt-adj-infl|bonit|o|dim=1}}
  • {{pt-adj-infl|bonit|o|aug=1|dim=1}}