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This template generates an inflection line and categorizes Portuguese verb entries.


This template should be added to all Portuguese verb entries.

The template should be placed within the Portuguese language section, immediately following the Verb L3 header.

As with other Wiktionary inflection line templates, please do not use subst:.


The template uses two unnamed parameters to call any of various templates, as described below.

1 (required if applicable): Beginning of the verb. All characters of the infinitive form, except those in the template's title.
2 (required): Ending of the verb. The last characters chosen specifically by the template.
3 (required if applicable): Compound words. Text to be added after the verb.


( 1 ) cantar


cantar (first-person singular present indicative canto, past participle cantado)

( 2 ) ser

{{pt-verb| |ser}}

ser (first-person singular present indicative sou, past participle sido)

( 3 ) abolir


abolir (past participle abolido)

( 4 ) desfazer


desfazer (first-person singular present indicative desfaço, past participle desfeito)

( 5 ) beijar de língua

{{pt-verb|beij|ar|de língua}}

beijar de língua (first-person singular present indicative beijo de língua, past participle beijado de língua)