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Parameters, mandatory parameters are in bold:

Parameter Description
date Date of publication in ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DD format
year Year of publication (can be specified instead of date)
month Month of publication (can be specified with year instead of date)
first First and middle names/initials of author of the article being cited
last Last name of author of the article being cited
author Author of the article being cited
authorlink Title of Wikipedia article about author (no w: prefix)
coauthors Co-author(s) of the article being cited
title Title of the article being cited
date Date of the issue being cited, often later than the date of publication (e.g. the January 2010 issue may be published in December 2009)
volume The volume the issue being cited is part of
issue The issue number the article being cited is in
page Number of the page(s) the cited passage is on
magazine Title of the magazine
publisher The company that publishes the magazine
quotee Original source of quote
issn The ISSN number of the magazine
doi A Digital object identifier for article. Will be autolinked.
jstor A JSTOR number of article. Will be autolinked.
url URL of the page containing the cited passage (e.g. at Google books)
passage the passage being cited, highlighting the headword in bold
translation The translation for foreign passages
transliteration The transliteration for passages in non-Latin script

Blank example:


Filled example:

|title=Diversity Calendar 2006
|magazine=Cincinati Magazine
|publisher=Emmis Communications
|passage=Happy '''Chrismahanukwanzakah'''! Merry HanuKwanzMas! (Whew... that covers everyone, right?)


    • 2005 December, “Diversity Calendar 2006”, Cincinati Magazine, volume 39, number 3, Emmis Communications, ISSN 0746-8210, page 66: 
      Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah! Merry HanuKwanzMas! (Whew... that covers everyone, right?)