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This template can be used in a dictionary entry to provide a quotation from a video recording, including a film or a television programme.

Sample templates

Most commonly used parameters
#* {{quote-video|actor=|role=|episode=|title=|url=|archiveurl=|archivedate=|series=|season=|number=|writer=|location=|publisher=|year=|isbn=|oclc=|time=|passage=}}
All available parameters
#* {{quote-video|actor=|role=|episode=|trans-episode=|title=|trans-title=|url=|archiveurl=|archivedate=|series=|format=|medium=|language=|season=|number=|writer=|writers=|network=|location=|publisher=|date=|month=|year=|year_published=|accessdate=|isbn=|oclc=|id=|time=|at=|passage=|brackets=|translation=|transliteration=|indent=}}

Certain basic parameters can be used in the template without any named parameters, as follows:

#* {{quote-video|[year]|[actor]|[title]|[season]|[number]|[time]|[passage]}}

This will not work if any of the parameters contains an equals ("=") sign. The value of any parameter containing an equals sign must be surrounded by <nowiki> tags, like this: "<nowiki>http://foo.com?id=bar</nowiki>". Alternatively, use a named parameter like url.

The following example:

{{quote-video|actor={{w|Jay Mohr}}|role=Bob Sugar|title={{w|Jerry Maguire}}|writer={{w|Cameron Crowe}}|location=Culver City, Calif.|publisher={{w|TriStar Pictures}}; distributed by [[w:Sony Pictures Home Entertainment|Columbia TriStar Home Video]]|year=1996|year_published=1997|isbn=978-0-8001-4174-5|passage=It's also my job to take care of the '''skanks''' on the road that you bang.}}

produces this:

1996, Jay Mohr as Bob Sugar, Jerry Maguire, written by Cameron Crowe, Culver City, Calif.: TriStar Pictures; distributed by Columbia TriStar Home Video, published 1997, ↑ISBN:
It's also my job to take care of the skanks on the road that you bang.


All parameters are optional except those marked "Mandatory", and may contain inline interwikis or external links as needed.

Parameter Remarks
actor The actor(s) quoted.
role The role(s) played by the actor(s).
episode The title of the episode quoted.
trans-episode If the title of the episode is not in English, this parameter can be used to provide an English translation of the title.
title Mandatory: the title of the video recording.
trans-title If the title of the video recording is not in English, this parameter can be used to provide an English translation of the title.
url The URL or web address of the video recording. Do not link to any webpage that has content in breach of copyright.
archiveurl and archivedate
Use archiveurl and archivedate (which must be used together) to indicate the URL or web address of a webpage on a website such as the Internet Archive or Perma.cc at which the webpage has been archived, and the date on which the webpage was archived.

Alternatively, if the webpage cannot be archived, use accessdate to indicate when its URL was accessed.

format The format of the video recording, for example, "Betamax" or "VHS" (which are videotape formats).
medium The medium of the video recording, for example, "Blu-ray", "CD", "DVD", "motion picture", "podcast", "television production" or "videotape".
language The language in which the video recording was made. (If the webpage is written in English, it is unnecessary to use this parameter.)
season and number The season or series number and episode number of the episode of the program quoted. For example, if quoting from season 3, episode 1, type "season=3 and "number=1".
writer or writers The writer(s) of the episode or program quoted.
network The television network on which the video recording is broadcast.
location The location(s) where the video recording was published. If more than one location is stated, separate the locations with semicolons, like this: "London; New York, N.Y.".
publisher The name of one or more publishers of the video recording. If more than one publisher is stated, separate the names with semicolons.
year (and month)
Mandatory: the date, or year (and month), that the video recording was published. Use either date, or year (and month), not both.
year_published If you use date or year to indicate when the video recording was originally released (for example, in cinemas), year_published can be used to indicate a subsequent publication (for example, on DVD).
isbn, oclc or id The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) or Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) number (which can be looked up at the WorldCat website) of the video recording.

Use id for an identifier other than the ones listed above.

time The time in hours, minutes and seconds from the start of the video recording at which the quoted passage occurs. For example, if the quoted passage appears 1 hour, 30 minutes and 6 seconds into the video recording, type "time=1:30:06".
at Use this parameter to identify where in the video recording the quoted passage occurs other than by specifying the time from the start of the recording. For example, the parameter can be used to indicate that the passage occurs in a particular act and scene of a play.
passage The portion of the video recording being quoted. Highlight the term defined in bold in the passage quoted like this: "'''Thalia'''".
brackets Use "brackets=on" to surround a quotation with brackets. This indicates that the quotation either contains a mere mention of a term (for example, "some people find the word manoeuvre hard to spell") rather than an actual use of it (for example, "we need to manoeuvre carefully to avoid causing upset"), or does not provide an actual instance of a term but provides information about related terms.
translation If the passage quoted is not in English, this parameter can be used to provide an English translation of it.
transliteration If the passage quoted uses a different writing system from the Latin alphabet (the usual alphabet used in English), this parameter can be used to provide a transliteration of it into the Latin alphabet.
indent Instead of using wikitext outside the quotation template to indent it (for example, "#* {{quote-video|..."), you can use this parameter to specify the indent inside the template (for example, "{{quote-video|indent=#*|...")

Technical information

This template is a wrapper for {{quote-meta}} and {{quote-meta/source}}.

See also

  • {{cite AV media}} – the corresponding template at the English Wikipedia