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(Can this(+) etymology be sourced?)


This template is used to request a source for doubtful etymologies in ===Etymology=== sections. It takes a single named parameter:

|1=, |lang=
The language code of the entry in which the Etymology section is found: for instance, en in an English entry.
|fragment=, |section=
Name of the section in the Etymology Scriptorium in which this entry is being discussed. Defaults to the entry title.
Sortkey for the request category. Do not provide this unless absolutely necessary, as Module:utilities usually generates a suitable sortkey.

For example:

{{rfv-etymology|en}} or {{rfv-etymology|lang=en}}

Optionally, you can start a new discussion on Etymology Scriptorium, using the (+).

The template also places the entry into a hidden request category so that interested editors can look up etymologies that need sources. For an English language code as shown above, that would be Category:Requests for references for etymologies in English entries.