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Base template for irregular Russian nouns, pronouns and numerals. Use this only for terms with irregular declension, otherwise use {{ru-noun-table}}, or {{ru-noun-old}} for old (pre-1918) spelling. See also {{ru-decl-noun-unc}} for uncountable irregular nominals, and {{ru-decl-noun-pl}} for uncountable plural-only nominals.

The entries are in the following order:

1=nom sg 2=nom pl
3=gen sg 4=gen pl
5=dat sg 6=dat pl
7=acc sg 8=acc pl
9=ins sg 10=ins pl
11=pre sg 12=pre pl
13=locative 14=unused

Each parameter can be one or more values separated by commas, or - to indicate no form. Each value can be a single Cyrillic entry or a combination Cyrillic//Latin with // separating the Cyrillic from its irregular transliteration.