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This template displays the Latin word "sic" linked to Appendix:Glossary#sic between brackets, in superscript:


It means that a text has been reproduced verbatim from the source, despite any incorrect or unusual spelling, phrase, punctuation or meaning. It makes clear that any of these peculiarities is not a misquotation by the editor and that it should not be corrected by anyone.


The template {{sic}} should be added directly after an unusual or incorrect piece of directly quoted text. If a particular sentence contains multiple errors, the template should be placed at the end of the sentence after the punctuation mark.

If desired, the correct version of the text can be added as the first parameter of the template.

Wikitext: The word was misspeled{{sic}} in the text.
Result: The word was misspeled[sic] in the text.
Wikitext: The word was misspeled{{sic|misspelled}} in the text.
Result: The word was misspeled[sic, meaning misspelled] in the text.

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