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This page contains usage information, categories, interwiki links and other content describing the template.


Used to link to a suspected sum of parts if it exists as an entry, and to the parts otherwise.

This template can be substed.

The arguments (up to ten) are the parts, including hyphens and slashes but not spaces, which will be added by the template. If two parts abut (with no space between them) in the whole, use {{=}} as the parameter between them.

The optional parameters form1, form2, ..., form10 are for the forms the parts take when part of the whole, and default to the corresponding numbered parameters if absent.

Each optional parameter alt1, alt2, ..., alt10 is for the display text for the corresponding part if the whole does not exist as an entry, and defaults to the corresponding form... parameter (above) if absent, and to the corresponding positional parameter if the form... parameter is also absent.

The parameter lang is for the language code, mandatory when it's not en (for English).

The optional parameter sc is for the script code.