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Crystal Clear filesystem trashcan full.png This template has been nominated for deletion(+)
Please see that page for discussion and justifications. Feel free to edit this template as normal, though do not remove the {{rfd}} until the debate has finished.

Conjugation for regular verbs with a consonant final stem. It also (at least for now) works with strong verbs.


As of November 18, 2010, this template has been entirely replaced by {{sv-conj-wk}}


  • Obligatory:
    • stem
  • Optional (default in parens)
    • endstart (d)
    • present (stem+er)
    • past (stem+endstart+e)
    • supine (stem+t)
    • pastparticiple or pastpart (stem+endstart)
      • Can be set to empty, to suppress the past participle
    • definitions (which senses?)

On the page for bötfälla

  • {{sv-verb-reg-er|stem=bötfäll}}

On the page for köpa

  • {{sv-verb-reg-er|stem=köp|endstart=t}}

On the page for höra

  • {{sv-verb-reg-er|stem=hör|present=hör}}

On the page for smälta (note, supine does not use endstart, so has to be set separately)

  • {{sv-verb-reg-er|stem=smält|endstart=|supine=smält}}

On the page for spricka

  • {{sv-verb-reg-er|stem=sprick|past=sprack|supine=spruckit|pastparticiple=sprucken}}