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This template converts the letter-by-letter piped text into image. Accepts two named parameters:

  • |sc= for script code, usually an ISO 15924 name
  • |size= to set letter size (default value of 15)

It calls individual letter-to-image converters in format sc2img which return picture name for a given letter (either in transliterated form, or in original script).

Note: Images are displayed from left to right, therefore the scripts that use right-to-left order (like Phoenician) need to pipe the letters in reverse order.

Script name Script code Converter
Phoenician Phnx {{Phnx2img}}
Glagolitic Glag {{Glag2img}}
Glagolitic, Croatian angular hr-Glag {{hr-Glag2img}}
Gothic Goth {{Goth2img}}
Linear B Linb {{Linb2img}}
Old Persian Cuneiform Xpeo {{Xpeo2img}}
Cherokee Cher {{Cher2img}}
Old Italic Ital {{Ital2img}}
Lycian Lyci {{Lyci2img}}
Lydian Lydi {{Lydi2img}}
Carian Cari {{Cari2img}}
Runic Runr {{Runr2img}}
Neo-Assyrian Cuneiform Syllabary akk-Xsux {{akk-Xsux2img}}
Ugaritic Ugar {{Ugar2img}}
Ogham Ogam {{Ogam2img}}
Braille Brai {{Brai2img}}
Coptic Copt {{Copt2img}}
Epigraphic South Arabian Sarb {{Sarb2img}}
Imperial Aramaic Armi {{Armi2img}}