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Entries created by Tbot.

These entries are created from the translations given in English language entries. Feel free to add a language category if you would like to work on it; the category text should be {{tbotcatboiler|(language)}}

Each new entry has one POS (part of speech) and sense, and the attributes for that translation (gender, number, transliteration, etc).

Tbot started adding missing language sections to existing entries on 1 April 2008.

Entries made in November 2007 were not checked against the foreign-language wiktionary, and are not as reliable. At some point all of those remaining with tags will be deleted. Please comment and note problems at WT:Information desk.

See categories below for either language or month created.

Entries below—if any—are for languages that do not have specific categories.

Tbot isn't using the limit= parameter now.

Usage is {{tbotcatboiler|(language name)}} for the language cats.

For the monthly cats, use month=, e.g. month=November 2007

For Category:Tbot entries itself, no parameters.