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This template is for topical categories of the form: [[Category:xyz:Topic]], where xyz is a Wiktionary language code (see Wiktionary: List of languages) and Topic is a valid Wiktionary topical category topic name (see Module:category tree/topic cat/data and its submodules).

It works by getting the language code and the topic from the page name, and filling them in as parameters to {{topic cat}}.


Please Note
  1. This template doesn't work for main topical categories such as Category:Plants or Category:Astronomy where the language-code parameter for {{topic cat}} is empty (for example, {{topic cat||Plants}} or {{topic cat||Astronomy}}).
  2. The template doesn't check whether the language code or topic name in the page name are valid, so if you use it in a category that topic cat doesn't recognize as valid, topic cat will behave exactly as it would if you typed in the wikitext by hand, and give you an error.