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Thai example template, relying on Module:th function 'usex'.


Words are separated by spaces, and orthographic spaces in Thai text are represented by double spaces.

Transcriptions are grabbed from the arguments in the {{th-pron}} template in the respective articles. Thus it is best to have all articles used in the example sentence created a priori. Alternatively you could specify the phonetic Thai spelling for a particular word by putting {PHONETIC} after the word.

No need to manually boldify the entry title if it is found as one of the words in the example sentence.

|tr= parameter should not be used.


{{th-x|เลือด ข้น กว่า น้ำ|Blood is thicker than water.}}
lʉ̂ʉat kôn gwàa náam
Blood is thicker than water.

{{th-x|ราตรี สวัสดิ์|Good night.}}
raa-dtrii sà-wàt
Good night.

{{th-x|เดินทาง โดย ปลอดภัย|Have a safe trip!}}
dəən-taang dooi bplɔ̀ɔt-pai
Have a safe trip!

{{th-x|พ่อ เป็น ฉันใด  ลูก ก็ เป็น ฉันนั้น|Like father, like son.}}
พ่อเป็นฉันใด ลูกก็เป็นฉันนั้น
pɔ̂ɔ bpen chǎn-dai · lûuk gɔ̂ bpen chǎn-nán
Like father, like son.

An example with phonetic respellings in curly brackets {PHONETIC_RESPELLING} when defined term's pronunciation is different from the default (e.g. when there's a bound form) or for undefined terms (red links)

{{th-x|ราช{ราด-ชะ} โองการ|'''Royal''' command.}}
râat-chá oong-gaan
Royal command.