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This template tracks uses of the language_link function in Module:links in which the alt is not displayed. This function is used by the full_link function in the same module, as well as by {{ll}}. The full_link function is used by many templates, including {{l}}, {{m}}, {{t}}, and {{der}}.

Alt is the parameter for the displayed link text; in {{l}}, {{l|language code|entry name|displayed text}}. It is ignored when the entry name parameter contains wikilinks: for instance, {{l|en|[[God]] be [[with]] [[you]]|God be with you}}.

Real-life examples:

  • {{t|ru|[[распустить]] [[язык]]|pf|alt=распусти́ть язы́к}} — from shoot one's mouth off
    Should be {{t|ru|[[распусти́ть]] [[язы́к]]|pf}}. Acute accents can be placed in wikilinks in linking templates; the module will make sure the link goes to the correct entry name.
  • {{m|cy|[[y]] [[llysywen|'''ll'''ysywen]]|the eel}} — from Appendix:Welsh mutations
    Missing pipe; should be {{m|cy|[[y]] [[llysywen|'''ll'''ysywen]]||the eel}}: gloss in third parameter.

See transclusion list.