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[Term?] + ‎suffixusex → ‎[Term?]

This template creates usage examples for suffix entries in the format word + -suffixsuffixed word.

Numbered parameters[edit]

the language code;
the suffixless word;
the suffixed word.

Named parameters[edit]

the suffixless word’s alternative display text;
the suffixed word’s alternative display text;
the suffix’s alternative display text;
the suffixless word’s translation;
the suffixed word’s translation;
the suffixless word’s transliteration;
the suffixed word’s transliteration;
the words’ script;
the entry’s language; defaults to en (English);


The following code, for use in the Latin entry -tūra:

#: {{suffixusex|la|scrībo|scrīptūra|altsuf=-tūra|gloss1=to write|gloss2=scripture}}


  1. scrībo (to write) + ‎-tūra → ‎scrīptūra (scripture)

The following code, for use in the Ancient Greek entry -ωμα (-ōma):

#: {{suffixusex|grc|ἀθάρη|ἀθήρωμα|altsuf=-ωμα|gloss1=groats; porridge|gloss2=tumour}}


  1. ἀθάρη (athárē, groats; porridge) + ‎-ωμα (-ōma) → ‎ἀθήρωμα (athḗrōma, tumour)

See also[edit]

  • {{prefixusex}} – like {{suffixusex}}, but for prefixes
  • {{usex}} – to format general usage examples