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Wikispecies has information on:


I have replaced the template source with something analogous to Template:wikipedia which takes up to several arguments. The language code arguments are not applicable to Wikispecies so Template:wikispecies takes up to two arguments maximum. (I did not modify the code to disallow more arguments; the extra (language code) arguments just won't mean anything to Wikispecies.) For detailed documentation see Template talk:wikipedia which I will not copy here in its entirety. (If that changes this ought to be changed too.) Syntax summary follows. IPH 01:02, 31 May 2007 (UTC)iph


Including this template on a page will add the sister-project box to the right.

  1. {{wikispecies}}
  2. {{wikispecies|article}}
  3. {{wikispecies|article|link title}}
  • All parameters are optional.
  • The value article defaults to the base page name.
  • The value link title defaults to article.


Wikispecies has information on:

Wikispecies {{wikispecies}}

Note that on this talk page the box generated will say "Wikispecies has information on: Wikispecies" because (obviously) "Wikispecies" is the name of the template of which this is the talk page; when you use it on any Wiktionary page it will have the name of the page/article, i.e. the subject word.
Wikispecies has information on:

Wikispecies {{wikispecies|Archaea}}

Wikispecies has information on:

Wikispecies {{wikispecies|Archaea|Archaebacteria}}