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ws header

This template generates a header for Wikisaurus pages.


Use this template to add a header to a Wikisaurus entry. This template should be placed at the very beginning of the page.


This template uses one unnamed (positional) parameter and few named parameters. All of them are optional.

  • |1= The entry to appear in the header.
  • |link= The target term of the main namespace to be linked; if empty, no entry will be linked; if omitted, the page name will be the entry to be linked.


  • {{ws header}}
  • {{ws header|woman}}
  • {{ws header|beautiful woman|hyperlink=}}


  • The text "Wikisaurus", linking to Wiktionary:Wikisaurus, which serves as main policy and as instruction manual.
  • The name of the page, that may or not be linked to an entry of Wiktionary.
  • A search box, followed by a checkbox to choose searching only Wikisaurus pages or not, followed by a button "Search Wikisaurus".
  • The table of contents is by default always floating to the right in Wikisaurus pages.
  • Categorizing pages into Category:Wikisaurus.
  • The CSS style #wikisaurus-toc formats the Wikisaurus TOC.
    • For example, to make the Wikisaurus TOC invisible, use #wikisaurus-toc { display: none; }.