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Usage: {{yue-verb|(form)|tra=|sim=|tas=|jyut=|y=|mw=|rs=}}

You should preferably include all forms: one as the headword (identified by the first parameter), the others by the named parameters.

The first parameter is the symbol of the form of the headword (pagename), which is either of the following:


  • On the traditional character you use t
  • On the simplified character you use s
  • On , which is the same in both traditional and simplified orthographies, you use ts
  • On the jyutping entry jat6 you use j.

Other parameters are:

  • tra= traditional form (optional, use if not t or ts)
  • sim= simplified form (optional, use if not s or ts)
  • tas= traditional and simplified form (if j)
  • jyut= jyutping (required, use if not j)
  • rs= radical/additional strokes for category indexing, e.g. 辛12, stroke count must be 2 digits (required if not j)

If the entry has no rs (radical) defined or if it does not have its jyut (jyutping) defined where they are required, the entry is added to Category:Chinese terms needing attention.