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RFDO discussion: February–September 2016[edit]

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The following discussion has been moved from Wiktionary:Requests for deletion/Others (permalink).

This discussion is no longer live and is left here as an archive. Please do not modify this conversation, but feel free to discuss its conclusions.

"This user is either a robot, an animal, or a feral child who speaks no languages. Assistance is required." Some kind of joke? Equinox 15:58, 19 February 2016 (UTC)

Yes, of course. In defence of Kephir it may not have said that when he created it as it invokes a module and modules can be edited. Renard Migrant (talk) 16:19, 19 February 2016 (UTC)
That doesn't mean anything to me. Is there any reason for the dictionary project to keep this kind of smug bullshittery? Equinox 22:13, 21 February 2016 (UTC)
Kephir was the only editor of module:Babel which generates the message.
It looks to me that this was a test of an error message in Module:Babel to be generated when function make_tower was called without the proper parameters (or something like that). It might conceivably have some value in checking whether the code of the module has been messed with, but that is beyond my paygrade. DCDuring TALK 23:51, 21 February 2016 (UTC)
I think the "feral child" nonsense is just a default message used when no languages are given to the template: see [1]. The template seems to be fully functional. —suzukaze (tc) 23:53, 21 February 2016 (UTC)
Error messages should not be "joky". This only amuses the programmer, never the user, and it drives me mad when Microsoft Office uses chatty slang to tell me that my work was lost. Can we please make this more neutral and professional? Equinox 00:01, 22 February 2016 (UTC)
The need is not to change the template, but to edit the module, which requires no special expertise: even a feral child could do it. But what should the message say? DCDuring TALK 00:30, 22 February 2016 (UTC)
As far as I can see, it's linked to, but not used, so deleting it would cause very minor damage. Renard Migrant (talk) 17:21, 22 February 2016 (UTC)
Don't tell me you're another tidiness freak. DCDuring TALK 19:27, 22 February 2016 (UTC)
If its only purpose is for Kephir to link to it in a single discussion, it shouldn't be in the template namespace. Userfy as User:Kephir/Babel/x (or any other suitable title). Renard Migrant (talk) 22:43, 22 February 2016 (UTC)
Good idea. DCDuring TALK 23:50, 22 February 2016 (UTC)
  • Delete per Renard: If its only purpose is for Kephir to link to it in a single discussion, it shouldn't be in the template namespace. --Dan Polansky (talk) 10:01, 30 March 2016 (UTC)
    @Equinox: I replaced the objectionable text in diff; if you have a better idea, please go ahead. --Dan Polansky (talk) 10:14, 30 March 2016 (UTC)
  • Resolved. —Μετάknowledgediscuss/deeds 01:19, 11 September 2016 (UTC)