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The following was copied from {{onym}}'s documentation page and then modified.

This template is a copy of {{onym}}, preserved to maintain the functionality of {{he-onym}}.

It shows a term or phrase (usually linked) in an appropriate font, along with its transliteration and/or English sense gloss.

* {{onym|la|verbo|verbō|gloss=for the word}}
* {{onym|el|sc=Grek|λόγος|tr=lógos}}
* {{onym||word#Verb|word|gloss=to say or write (something) using particular words}}
* {{onym|en|word}}


Listed terms and phrases should usually link to a language-specific Wiktionary entry. To do so, use positional parameter {{{1}}} to specify the ISO 639 language code and positional parameter {{{2}}} to specify the entry name to which to link.

If the listed term or phrase should also show alternate text, use positional parameter {{{3}}}.

If the listed term or phrase should be followed by an English gloss translation, use the parameter {{{gloss=}}}.

* {{onym|la|verbo|verbō|gloss=for the word}}

Note that {{{2}}} can be omitted, even when showing the gloss:

* {{onym|fr|mot|gloss=word}}

If the listed term or phrase should not be linked to a Wiktionary entry, omit positional parameter {{{2}}}:

* *{{onym|||werə-|gloss=to speak}}

If the listed term or phrase is written in a non-Roman script, use named parameter {{{sc}}} to indicate the script code and {{{tr}}} to indicate the Latin (Roman) script transcription:

* {{onym|el|sc=Grek|λόγος|tr=lógos|gloss=word}}

To create a language-neutral link for the term or to link to a section other than that for a language using an ISO language code, omit the positional parameter {{{1}}} and optionally use the #section syntax:

* {{onym||sc=Cyrl|Ж|tr=Ž}}
* {{onym||word#Verb|word|gloss=to say or write (something) using particular words}}


The default style of the subsequent English translation glosses is in double quotes (pending a vote to approve this template). Readers can easily change the output to single quotes by selecting “Show English glosses for mentioned terms in single quotes” from WT:PREFS. Alternatively, readers can add the following to their style sheets as described in WT:CUSTOM:

  • To show English translation glosses in single quotes (e.g.: From mot (‘word’) + ...):
    .mention-gloss-double-quote { display: none; }
    .mention-gloss-single-quote { display: inline; }