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This is a template for the conjugation of standard -ari verbs in Sicilian. Use this template in the ====Conjugation==== section of regular Sicilian verbs in -ari.

The standard parameter format for this template uses 2 parameters, with an optional 3-parameter format for regular vowel changes in the stem:

  • No vowel change in stem:
    1. stem (e.g. am for amari)
    2. accented stem (e.g. àm for amari)
  • Vowel change in stem
    1. stem (e.g. purt for purtari)
    2. stem with vowel change (e.g. port for purtari)
    3. accented stem with vowel change (e.g. pòrt for purtari)

For irregular -ari verbs, see the documentation at Template talk:scn-conj for the names of parameters that may be overwritten.

Example usage[edit]

  • {{scn-conj-ari|am|àm}} generates:

  • {{scn-conj-ari|purt|port|pòrt}} generates: