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This template specifies the gender, plural, alternative spelling (in either Cyrillic or Roman script). It should be used just under the 'Noun' header for Serbian words.




  • g = the gender of the noun (m, f, n)
  • pl = the plural form of the noun.
    For uncountable nouns, use "pl=-".
  • cyr = the spelling of the noun in Cyrillic script
  • rom = the spelling of the noun in Roman script
  • a = animacy. Options for animate nouns are a, an or animate. Inanimate nouns use i, in or inanimate.
  • head= / sg= Can be used to show stress marks, or to link to individual words in compound nouns.


Simplified output[edit]

The adjacent sets of brackets seem awkward. Wouldn't the following be an improvement? It follows the form of transliterations (e.g., in голова), putting the alternate form closer to its countepart.

glava (Cyrillic spelling глава) f (plural glave)

But I think it may be better still to simplify everything by combining the brackets, but still leaving the plural last, as in most entries:

glava f (Cyrillic spelling глава, plural glave)

 Michael Z. 2008-11-29 22:49 z

I just reverted the one edit of yesterday, because the entries appeared considerably deteriorated, the plural form being plural [[{{{1}}}#Serbian|{{{1}}}]] in lieu of the hitherto extant and distinctly visible one. The uſer hight Bogorm converſation 07:13, 20 May 2009 (UTC)