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Hi ! By chance I found this message from you : User talk:Adamsa123#Positive feedback where you tell "Since you are responsible for all of our Adyghe entries I think you deserve all the praise too.". I'll share with you a little secret : eventually not all the praise hahaha, I claim between 1 or 100 % of this praise (depend of the standpoint) cause of that message I leaved to him on his Wikipedia's discussion page (see the PS). Only 1 day after this message he posted his first contribution here and then you know the result. Maybe without that message he would never known about wiktionary's projects and Adyghe category would remains empty. So I'm indirectly responsible for all of your Adyghe entries because I bring him here :P. I'm really pleased he's became an active contributors. It's time for me to conclude my part of the deal now and develop adyghe section on fr.wiktionary too from his work like I told him. Hahaha sorry, it's kind of useless message I felt the need to share this funny secret with a confidant.

07:08, 6 June 2013