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Hm, maybe make it optional. I guess many users install their preferred gadgets anyhow. So we could offer it and then wait for adoption. I could promote it a little bit over Wiktionary2RDF ( Maybe make a screen cast. I guess, having these stable glosses would be a highly wanted feature in the NLP world. For example wordnet definitions have ids that change between each version and the changelog mapping has to be maintained manually.

18:22, 2 June 2013

Make the link icons optional? That could work, I guess. Full JS code would be $(".senseid").each(function(){var a;$(this).hover(function(){$(a).toggle();if(!a){a=document.createElement("a");a.href="#";$(a).text("#").css({position:'absolute',zIndex:5,marginLeft:'-5px'});$(this).prepend(a);}})}) (possibly buggy), and I guess it could be added to either WT:PREFS or as gadget, or both.

Regular adoption of {{senseid}} is still essentially blocked by the fact that the regular linking templates don't support any way to link to the senses. With the deployment of Lua, I had hoped that {{l}} would have support added (as I proposed here), but things seem to be happening disappointingly slowly...

21:57, 2 June 2013

Update: {{l}} now supports linking to senseids. Example: {{l|en|peach|id=fruit}} > peach .

21:48, 7 July 2013