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Proper noun[edit]


  1. Alternative spelling of Timbuktu
    • 1964, In 1823, Belzoni made another voyage of exploration, this time in search of the city of Timbuktoo. — Robert Silverberg, Great Adventures in Archaeology (University of Nebraska 1997, p. 7)
    • 2000, Touareg, Blue People, rode by on camels along the caravan route from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, through the edge of the Sahel, to Timbuktoo on the plains of Mali, and on to the Sudanese Nile. — John Argo, This Shoal of Space (Saint Ronan Street Atelier 2002, p. 306)
    • 2004, There are many “types” that emerge from the people working in entertainment who have made the long trek from Timbuktoo — Kristin M Burke, Going Hollywood (iUniverse 2004, p. 5)