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The following is a list of slang terms used by the Royal Air Force, the air force of the United Kingdom.


  • AC Plonk - Aircraftman second class (AC2), the lowest rank in the RAF.
  • Air Commode (n.) - see Air Toilet.
  • Air Toilet (n.) Air Commodore. Lowest ranking of Their Airships, also Air Commode.
  • Air Tragic - humorous play on words, meaning Air Traffic. See also The Tower, Scopies, and Anvil.
  • Airships, Their (n.) - officers of Air Commodore rank and above. Float serenely at high altitude, buffeted by assorted winds and oblivious to the implications of, and confusion caused by, the edicts following their astral deliberations.
  • Angels - one Angel was 1,000 feet (thus "Angels 13" was 13,000 feet).
  • Anvil - the sound-proofed, darkened box that Scopies sit in, staring at a screen that looks like it’s playing a Sinclair ZX81 game, apparently to warn of any incoming Bogies.
  • Arse End Charlies - rear gunners (also known as Tail End Charlies).
  • Argied - A term used while on tour in the Falkland Islands. To be Argied means to be sent home early sometime during your tour.


  • Bag Up - to bag up or chuck up. From sick bags. E.g. “I bagged up, I tell you I was blowing chunks all over the place on the Timmy”
  • Bang Out - term used to describe the action taken by a jockey when his jet goes tits up and he has to eject.
  • Beer Lever - joystick
  • "Bennied" - used during tour of Falkland Islands. To have to remain in FI after date due to leave, usually due to replacement unavailability.
  • Bind - not a nice job
  • Binder - someone complaining
  • Binding - complaining
  • Black-outs - knickers worn by the WAAF, navy-blue winter-weights
  • Body Snatcher - stretcher bearer
  • Boomerang - aircraft returned early due to snag (RAF Bomber Command)


  • Canteen Cowboy - ladies' man
  • Chiefie - Flight Sergeant in charge of a unit


  • Deck - the ground
  • Desert Lily - urinal made from a tin can


  • Finger (to remove one's) - to hurry up or pay attention
  • Fish Heads - the Royal Navy
  • Fizzer - disciplinary charge
  • Flaming Onions - anti-aircraft tracer
  • Flannel - to avoid the truth
  • Flap - a chaotic event
  • Fruit Salad - medal ribbons on a uniform
  • Fine Adjustment Tool - A hammer that is used by Techies.


  • Gardening - sowing mines in water from a low height
  • Goolie Chit - a scrap of cloth issued when flying over hostile territory offering a reward to the natives to return you to the nearest Allied unit unharmed
  • Ground Wallah - an officer who did not fly
  • Groupie - Group Captain


  • Hang up - Bomb failed to release.


  • Kite - an aircraft
  • KFS -Knife Fork and Spoon
  • KRS - King's Regulations, the rules and regulations governing the Royal Air Force


  • LMF - lack of moral fibre


  • Nickels - propaganda leaflets


  • Old Man - the Squadron Commanding Officer


  • Packet, to catch a - to be on the receiving end of offensive fire
  • Penguin - ground officers with no operational experience
  • Plonk - Aircraftman second class (AC2), the lowest rank in the RAF


  • Scrambled Egg - gold braiding on a Group Captain or Air Officers' hat
  • Shuftie Kite - reconnaissance aircraft
  • Snowdrops - RAF police
  • Spoof - a diversionary raid or operation
  • Sprog - a "new boy" fresh from training


  • Tail End Charlies - rear gunners (also known as Arse End Charlies)
  • Target for tonight - girlfriend
  • Twilights - WAAF underwear, light coloured, summer-weight


  • Vegetables - acoustic or magnetic mines