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See also: TwiMom, Twi-Mom, and Twi-mom


Alternative forms[edit]


Blend of twilight +‎ mom.


Twimom (plural Twimoms)

  1. (fandom slang) A mother who likes Stephenie Meyer's Twilight book series or the associated films.
    • 2010 April 9, Ann Hornaday, “Kristen Stewart has style and substance in hard-rocking 'The Runaways'”, in The Washington Post:
      For "Twilight" fans, the Runaways' iconic power may be difficult to grasp. (And for many of those girls' Twimoms, it may be difficult to remember.)
    • 2012, Julith Perry, "'Breaking Dawn' renews series", The Mentor (Manhattan High School, Manhattan, Kansas), Volume 100, Issue 11, 27 November 2012, page 6:
      The next six hours consisted of 40-something-year-old TwiMoms who couldn't wait to get a glance of Carlisle, rude people trying to cut in line, and an insane lady bringing her fussy baby who wouldn't stop crying.
    • 2013, Anne Jamison, Fic: Why Fanfiction Is Taking Over the World[1], BenBella Books, published 2013, →ISBN:
      Even though we're writing legal teens doing legal things, we did get our fair share of shit for being “TwiMoms” writing “TwiPorn.”