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Character { U+007B, {
Block Basic Latin
z [U+007A] [U+007C] |


Punctuation mark[edit]


  1. Used to add a comment to the left of and encompassing one or more lines, or to indicate that items to the right are subdivisions of the item on the left. Compare }.
               ⎧ legislature
    government ⎨ executive
               ⎩ judiciary
  2. Used in { }.

Usage notes[edit]

This symbol is also called a "left brace".

Derived terms[edit]

  • (small form variant)

Related terms[edit]

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  • Thomas F. Adams, Typographia; Or, The Printer's Instructor: A Brief Sketch: Braces stand before, and keep together, such articles as are of the same import, and are sub-divisions of the preceding articles. They sometimes stand after, and keep together, such articles as make above one line, and have [...] posts after them, which are justified to answer to the middle of the brace. The bracing side of a brace is always turned to that part of an article which makes the most lines.