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User:AugPi/ia-conj for conjugating an Interlingua verb without knowing whether it's transitive or not.

Lupin autoedit[edit]

User:AugPi/ia-conj-accel for adding verb form-of entries with the assistance of Lupin autoedit

User:AugPi/verb (setup)

Superseded by: User:QuasiBot/


pensar vider devenir
Present pensa vide deveni
Past pensava videva deveniva
Future pensara videra devenira
Conditional pensarea viderea devenirea
Present participle pensante vidente deveniente
Past participle pensate vidite devenite

The past tense sounds like the (Spanish) imperfect tense but can also correspond (and often does) to the preterite/past historic.


le minus influente — minus influente — influente — plus influente — le plus influente


  • j = /ʒ/