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This page is to show what was previously shown on my sandbox page and to show what my previous goals were, the ones that I changed my mind for that I didn't do, and tests that I did in the past to see which terms that I'm familiar with needed Wiktionary entries. I might also use this page in the future to make entries for some of the terms that I decided to not make entries for previously.

September 2011[edit]

Tempo Changes and Accents[edit]

rallentando ritardando ritenuto forzando rinforzando sforzando

October 2011[edit]

Musical Keys With Accidentals in Key Signature[edit]

Major with Sharps[edit]

G major D major A major E major B major F-sharp major C-sharp major

Major with Flats[edit]

F major B-flat major E-flat major A-flat major D-flat major G-flat major C-flat major

Minor with Sharps[edit]

E minor B minor F-sharp minor C-sharp minor G-sharp minor D-sharp minor A-sharp minor

Minor with Flats[edit]

D minor G minor C minor F minor B-flat minor E-flat minor A-flat minor

Each key is listed by the number of accidentals it has.




Natural Minor[edit]


Harmonic Minor[edit]

ⅱ˚ Ⅲ⁺ ⅶ˚

Melodic Minor (up)[edit]

Ⅲ⁺ ⅵ˚ ⅶ˚


Diminished Minor Perfect Major Augmented
diminished second none perfect unison none none
none minor second none none augmented unison
diminished third none none major second none
none minor third none none augmented second
diminished fourth none none major third none
none none perfect fourth none augmented third
diminished fifth none none none augmented fourth
diminished sixth none perfect fifth none none
none minor sixth none none augmented fifth
diminished seventh none none major sixth none
none minor seventh none none augmented sixth
diminished octave none none major seventh none
diminished ninth none octave none augmented seventh

November 2011[edit]

Spanish Suffixes[edit]

-a -aba -ábamos -aban -abas -amos -an -ando -ar -aron -as -aste -e -emos -en -er -es -ía -íamos -ían -ías -iendo -ieron -imos -ir -iste -o -yendo