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Shit that won't be deleted (and certainly never corrected, due to the inherent stupidity of WT:RFV,) until I request de-sysopping by means of an automated deletion spree. No sir, no warning tag can possibly be enough for these. Most were kept at the request of some faction or another, knowing perfectly well that none will exist, 10 years from now. Am I worried that our typical vandals may pick on these entries (confer: w:WP:BEANS)? Bah. Frankly, I hope they do. More likely, they'll give the contributors that got these entries successfully added the "best troll/best goatse" vandalism of the year award. After all, it is soooo hard to vandalise a site that "anyone" can edit.

ain't irregardless funner funnest 'cos [[Wikisaurus:]] Smell-O-Vision funguses octopodes hurted brang brung bukkake squick squicky mouses blaccent y'all y'all's y'allselves your all's your guys's unpossible résumé chaw conformative earnt email confusticate obscurification youse youseselves worstest worser whatth retiari ingenuitive truthiness uncompress unconcern unconform unconformity unpossible frenemy eddress alot twee webinar Appendix:List of protologisms protologism lysdexia moogle brain farm gack praught wif wid chode choad forbear frienemy al desko roundheels yiff teabag#Verb defamiliarisation gription confuzzled lollerskates bootilicious bootylicious fauxtography googledork ect. pronunciate frictive ilooy blootered craptastic craptacular shittastic shittacular stunod beigeist internym nongentillion hoplophobia iluy *-phobia poptext bacne jefe politico googlewhore sex on a stick unintuitive pseudologue schemie slore wahnfried zeedonk (Wow! A hoax classic!) ekstasis thoil irides your mom pwn A-gay Jahbulon (and any other word Primetime has fought to keep) meef splade spork throwed Mactard teh themself may of Y2K Y2K38 lolicon which's wazzup iceteroid mizzle monkeyshine