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None of these should have image sizes specified. They all should have "|thumb|" and a description at the end. If a px size is specified, it overrides Special:Preferences which is a Bad Thing(tm).

pizza swan axe pin braid facet bust icon fell dart pigeon scissors boat button saw carp sling goshawk golden eagle balance peregrine falcon rooster sparrow blackbird rabbit knife sword sand engine dagger screwdriver drill perch bass pour aeroplane airplane rifle ruin university cord motorcycle gallium bolt screw hook plane bow cauliflower needle gnu snowflake glass pliers banjo monastery lion hawk apricot seine pirate earthworm tarantula wrench cannon beet grasshopper arch basketball cart kitten library camelus trap meerkat ammunition torch Queen Anne zither cabbage urinal shilling spoon adze turnip outhouse beef handgun tongs courgette zucchini enter quiver monitor clown aviary cicada lobster chinchilla glove grapevine foam dolphin scarf pentagram clove habanero cider waterfall bassinet mallet carder kettle lute ingot stapler machicolate bonsai whirligig bolo chard finial flax ibis octant shad banner footprint hearse leech razor fir ulna peloton iguana gorilla peafowl barbecue toucan handshake bagpipes whisk tunnel narwhal cathedral basilica chapel curb syringe bowler villain Rhododendron siren mangle coffin apple juice asparagus megalith maraca derringer titi gravel vaccination mark monkey bread AK-47 sledgehammer gutter obelisk cactus muzzle blast muzzle brake can-opener kinetic art tomb pill memorial robe lure rasp trivet lutein lycopene crib chili con carne flail theremin sable lagosta flugelhorn sporran aubergine clamp frisbee buckskin salamander snapping turtle amative mrównik parade God Prussian blue racquet cassette caboose pickaxe East Tennessee coconut radish tape measure amphora trough bald eagle grill sinker terrace penknife pocketknife baseball mitt Anura Jolly Roger machete trebuchet wolf spider electric eel dragon tree bowler hat antiparallel catfish bottling Bibingka Puto Bumbong sunfish Lechon Halo-halo bathrobe black widow Colossus of Rhodes damselfly fireworks spoonbill 桂花 菊花 brazier Francophonie tombstone mug shot grizzly bear tic-tac-toe wheelwright treble clef tweezers kilt pin pleating to the stripe Aboyne dress knife pleat daisy chain crinoid provolone custard apple donkey boiler stop sign hairbrush hacksaw arţar mandrill gelada gray langur lutung grivet smoke detector fluorone ice lolly plunger muskellunge goth pogo stick space hopper pronated supinated talapoin guenon clownfish meat hook beach volleyball Siamese fighting fish barn doors corsair Friesian ascus guqin rolling pin bullion manat buckaroo Mountain Standard Time griddle greengage pointillism divisionism grisaille furocoumarin brotula Biquizionario lumpsucker sixpence sweet potato Byzantine Empire bobber penny farthing knuckle duster paring knife ball-peen hammer hot water bottle courthouse baptistry breechcloth saguaro catnip cornemuse buttonwood catalpa hairdryer bullhead kepi compass rose jimsonweed hardy hole armonica iceberg lettuce cribbing corn crib long johns tomatl organ pipe organ pipe cactus organ console pipe organ silver dollar silverback putti sweetfish geoduck 芥川龍之介 Schmidt 青天白日满地红 青天白日滿地紅 Union Jack streetcar rover virginal curare quadrille censer storyboard sugar maple sugar pine keffiyeh drill instructor mimeograph Brown Bess Norway rat bubble wrap bucket seat gingerbread cornice corniche highboy crape myrtle corydoras doorknob firing squad fox grape foxglove duckweed vair goalpost steamboat moonbow splint suspenders banknote monstrance caparison conjoined orange juice Novo Mesto barrel nut brass knuckles 清明上河图 清明上河圖 water strider spirit level pinking shears vertical blinds light cone baggie oxcart cartwheel 古琴 claves sports car paraglider White House boxcar function cotton swab tardigrade water bear