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Things I may or may not do in the future possibly - feel free to add to the list, or rearrange it - or even better do some of this for me.

  • Refactor creation.js to use the new page count hack, and to be generally nicer (maybe just remove all of the generalizations [if statements] and have specific case switches for every possibility).
  • Finish going through Category:Phobias and removing "mention-only" words to Appendix:Invented phobias.
  • Some form of User input wizard/ Wiktionary syntax checker javascript prototype.
  • Create more flexible and robust hiding mechanisms, to keep Atelaes from crying.

Publicising small magic

A few little templates I made that do small things - but that I think should be used more ;)

  • {{subst:breakup}} For splitting long discussions.
  • {{pagetype}} to provide the type of page of maintenance templates.
  • {{MonobookTab}} gives a tab as might be found at the top of the monobook skin

See also

Some of the experiments I have been playing with, please edit and improve! Note that the pages that I have protected are known to be in use by other editors, and so should be modified with care as it might affect them also.