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A bot by Derbeth used for adding IPA and pronunciation files to entries. Also working on Commons, where it uploads new pronunciation files.

Source code: GitHub

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Your bot just added an audio file that is unacceptable because the recording cannot be heard, the speaker cannot speak correctly or the file has wrong name. Can you please fix your bot?
    The correction should ideally be made on Commons: Commons should not contain useless or misleading files.
    If an audio file is broken, please nominate it for deletion on Commons. If you mention me on the deletion request page ([[User:Derbeth|Derbeth]]), I will get a notification about it and may vote for it.
    In case of languages with non-Latin script, my bot tries to read the pronounced word from the file description on Commons (an example). If the description is misleading, you can simply edit and fix it now.
  2. I reverted your bot's wrong edit, so why should I care about it?
    I regularly re-run my bot (sometimes every week), so it will repeat the same edit over and over again. It's better to resolve the root cause of the problem - see other points.
  3. Can you add the problematic file to a blacklist, so that your bot won't add it to an entry here? The file is wrong and I need to revert your bot's edit.
    I prefer not to. If I create such a blacklist, the wrong files will remain on Commons, a poor state of affairs. The best course of action is to delete or rename the files on Commons. Audio files are used not only on English Wiktionary, but also on other Wiktionaries. There are other bots that add audio files - I am not able to fix them, and I am not even aware how many of such bots exist.
  4. The bot does not add audio files to a page, although it's clear that they match. Why?
    Perhaps the page contains definition consisting of more than 1 definition, more than 1 speech part. In such case it impossible to automatically judge whether the audio files matches first, second or all parts. The audio file needs to be added by a human. To help with finding and fixing such cases, generated reports contain list of files that could not be added automatically. Help is appreciated: the bot owner does not have time to edit such a big number of pages.
    In other cases, please contact the bot operation - it might be a bug in the bot.
  5. Where can I find successful deletion requests on Commons?
    To find more, search Deletion requests for "pronunciation".
  6. What if deletion on Commons is declined?
    If a file cannot be deleted according to Commons policies but is unacceptable for Wiktionary (for example, the pronunciation is definitely not standard or incorrect, but is considered an interesting example by the Commons community), please request it to be renamed on Commons. The new name should somehow suggest the file is 'nonstandard', hypercorrective, synthesized an so on.



Reports contain list of files that need to be added manually. There are cases where the bot is not able to add audio files because the article structure is non-standard, sometimes it is explicitly prohibited from doing so, for example when there are multiple etymologies (and only human can decide what to do with the audio file).

If you can help, please examine the latest report and remove entries you check from the list.