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A bot by Derbeth used for adding IPA and pronunciation files to entries. Also working on Commons, where it uploads new pronunciation files.

Source code: GitHub


1. Your bot does not work! It has just added an audio file that is unacceptable because the recording cannot be heard/the speaker cannot speak correctly/the file has wrong name! Why don't you fix your bot?!
The bot is not a human. It does not understand any language. It works because it assumes data on Wikimedia projects are correct. If users enter false data, the bot would multiply false data.
If an audio file is broken, please nominate it for deletion on Wikimedia Commons. If a file contains pronunciation of an other word than the file name suggest, request it to be renamed on Commons.
When the file disappears from Commons (or is renamed), there is no way the bot will use it to make an incorrect edit.
2. Can you add a file X to a blacklist, so that your bot won't add it to an entry here? The file is wrong and I need to revert your bot's edit. Your bot shouldn't continue to make this edit in the future.
No. See question 1.
It would be unethical to create such a list. Audio files are used not only on English Wiktionary, but also on other Wiktionaries. There are other bots than mine that add audio files. If you spot an error, you should fix the root cause, so that all projects benefit from fixing it.
3. TL;DR/I don't agree/I don't care! I will simply revert your bot's edit on my favourite page and continue my work as if nothing happened!
Next time my bot is run it will make the same edit again. It's silly to try an edit war with a bot, so better leave a message on bot owner's talk page, and we will try to find a solution.
4. The bot does not add audio files to a page, although it's clear that they match. Why?
Perhaps the page contains definition consisting of more than 1 definition (more than 1 speech part). In such case it impossible to automatically judge whether the audio files matches first, second or all parts. The audio file needs to be added by a human. To help with finding and fixing such cases, generated reports contain list of files that could not be added automatically. Help is appreciated (bot owner does not have time to edit such a big number of pages).
In other cases, please contact the bot operation - it might be a bug in the bot.


Reports contain list of files that need to be added manually. There are cases where the bot is not able to add audio files because the article structure is non-standard, sometimes it is explicitly prohibited from doing so, for example when there are multiple etymologies (and only human can decide what to do with the audio file).

If you can help, please examine the latest report and remove entries you check from the list.