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Hello, I am a reputed sociopath


and aromantic anti-demisexual

and inherently devil's advocate

and failaholic...

Georgian national corpus

my wiki-related stuff on github


terms I constantly forget

ka ამ მომხმარებლის მშობლიური ენა არის ქართული.
en-2 This user is able to contribute with an intermediate level of English.
ru-1 Этот участник владеет русским языком на начальном уровне.
Template:User oge-0.5
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Template:User py-4
{{t}}-4 This user can write and understand very complex wiki template code.
lua-3 This user can write more complex Lua modules.
JS-3 This user can write more complex JavaScript code, and can understand and modify most scripts written by others.
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This user's native script is Georgian.
This user has a near-native understanding of the Cyrillic alphabet.
This user has a near-native understanding of the Latin alphabet.
This user has an advanced understanding of the Greek alphabet.
This user has a basic understanding of the Armenian alphabet.
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My other accounts are User:DixtosaBOT, User:Giorgi Eufshi

Ideas, projects, TODO[edit]

Progress level: Not even an idea yet, that is maybe a stupidity[edit]

  • go through database and find words that do not exist here
  • {notifyUserIn|5|days}}
  • archiving process using Template:section:
  • declension of ჩილე, მხარე?
  • obsolete or oge from and georgian lemmas
  • page-specific javascripts: click to activate "the JS of the page" (protection must be necessary of /javascript); Template:thishasspecificjavascript
  • two defs linking to each other. wiki dump analysis
  • Require BOTowners to post every large scale (50+) changes on some specific page at least 5 days before they intend it to work.
    Rationale: 1) no more angry Dan's xD. 2) we keep track of whats happening
  • somewhat make BP show last 30 day activity not current month
  • compound containing (for გული)
  • MediaWiki:Manual:$wgCategoryCollation CategoryCollation
  • Wiktionary:What can we learn from other Wikiprojects? especially Wiktionaries?
    • probably discussion-related stuff. e.g. how really long discussion handled? structured. breakdown skillz
  • ====Grammar====
  • public key cryptography. better variant of Template_talk:user_committed_identity
  • Template:ka-verb-related
  • template:senseid to better see also and translation sections
  • User:<username>/config to have a unified list of preferences. so for example let User:Yair rand/newentrywiz.js determine preferred language and use it as default (not en).
  • Wiktionary:Naming conventions
    • In order to know which to choose: one or someone in complex phrases.
  • adjectival declension of კაი
  • English – Georgian Dictionary, Besiki Sisauri,
  • User:Dixtosa/ka-postpositional-of
  • User:Dixtosa/User oge-1, User:Dixtosa/User oge-2, User:Dixtosa/User oge-3
  • command-line interface?
  • enter makes two newlines (at first glance it s cool, but, err....)
  • Template metadata: autocomplete for template arguments (damn difficult to establish this standard here)
  • somehow get the db of
  • Wiktionary:Request for Definition - searching English words by definition. helpful for nonnatives of English (whats wrong with onelook)
  • This entry does not exists, but wait a sec, I can suggest what it might mean.
  • trans-see transcludes translation table
  • oge-decl-noun
  • translations merger (userscript)
  • {{ka-infl-noun}}-help <- the template that is going to talk to user

Progress level: ready to start[edit]

In progress[edit]

by priority (?)


Things that ease the creation and editing of (Georgian) entries[edit]

Ideally, everything should be here

Things I have yet to clarify[edit]

  • meagre vs meager
  • should we make an entry for the sop term because its pronunciation is different? for example "I dont know" pronounced like ai ron nou
  • ჰქონდა თუ არა უფლებას აეღო ქეგლი
  • why unvisited links blank title attribute on hovering
  • what if lemma has the same inflectional form
  • wikida for interwikis. why not
  • quotations between defs again
  • the place of paronyms
  • suffixoids
  • "immature words"
  • why use Latin or Georgian script for ccs-pro.
  • when to split definitions. for example: # cat or female cat || # cat # female cat
    • maybe we need conventions about definition writing
  • in complex phrasal verbs: use one or someone?
    • maybe we need naming conventions?



Domestic phenomena and other stats[edit]