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  1. Participants in a celebration (?)

Cycling writer Bob Roll uses the term to describe the local talent in apologizing for not filing a story:

First of all, apologies to all for my lack of yesterday’s transmission. I was embroiled in non-stop Bastille Day festivities with the crazy French schmenge and consequently was unable to fulfill my duties a web writing schulge — ina report on stages 12-13 of the 2005 Tour de France


There are also a couple of google hits using it in roughly the same sense as schmoe. Unfortunately, all this is drowned out by references to SCTV's infamous Schmenge Brothers, but it's a good bet the name is predated (and derived from) the other usages.

While were at it, q'est que c'est "schulge"? -dmh 05:59, 17 July 2005 (UTC)




  1. A mob in the context of the World-Wide Web.


Blend of web and mob, coined by Andrew "Nos." Kerr ([1]), 21 June 2005, in Re:I can finally say.


There are already well-documented senses of wob, but this one appears to be brand-spanking new. If we can document new occurrences after next June, we have a keeper.