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Third person singular
Simple past
Past participle
Present participle





...2:12 P.M. E.S.T. Word Finance. It is a seemingly or agreeable task that Aristotle came up with the terming Finance. My wonder is 'I have it my way; and then there's 'I'll have to find it my way.

The comparison of words are 'Find' and possibly 'a way of'.

Ancestor meaning descendent, but with only a completional; as ance is ancient, stor as of storage or something from a storageable unit. able makes a limited perception of something to find and or carry on which could make a situation a financeable degree, or one has financed the ordinance.

And since it states that a noun as of 'ance' is something to be added to, so could it be this noun did exsist as early as Aristotle; or does the formation of history just suggest it's ocupation, combining modern thought to Aristotles thought. This discription is a format based by myself because history so far as of my research acctually states the usage of the terming finance by Aristotle. Though ancient history does not define how it was established, and in some cases it is even hard to find how Aristotle uses the word as it's spell't finance. It is possible that Aristotle is describing a juristiction of an activity, if so then there would definetly be a 'finding' of some sort and a degree to a solution be it mathmadics, or just the basic ideas to research something for a final discription towards it or of it or for it. Which in these courses allows other properties to be joined as a juristiction would be. "Would be" - Bringing back the definition of "I have it my way" or "I'll have to find it my way" defintion of Financial/to help one source from one way or from another.

So what I was trying to display is 'find' and the noun 'ance' in combination to finance or I figured it out fiscal if used during Aristotle, could it mean a portion. 2:44 P.M. E.S.T. This was by David George DeLancey alias D.G.DeL-Dorchester Mass...revisedDavid George DeLancey 11:32, 24 September 2011 (UTC)