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ja この利用者は日本語母語 としています。
en-3 This user is able to contribute with an advanced level of English.
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(upper right)【ぶん sentence, ふみ letter, あや nuance of expression; (lower right)【 character, handwriting; (upper left)【げん/ごん to say, remark, voice, promise; (lower left)【しょ to write, to spell, biblios, books; 【文字もじ characters, letters, texts; 【文言ぶんげん/もんごん phrases; 【文書ぶんしょ/もんじょ document; 【字言じごと transcribed words for sounds, onomatopoeia; 【字書じしょ Kanji dictionary; 【言文げんぶん literary language and spoken language; 【言書ことがき preface for waka or haiku; 【書字しょじ written words by handwriting, to handwrite

いろは歌 (Iroha)

I'm electric_goat aka eG, e-Goat or 電気山羊. I've been contributing to Japanese-related words here. I'm a native Japanese speaker and a semiprofessional E-J translator, but not a linguist. I'm not so sure my English writing is advanced enough though, I changed the Babel en-2 to 3. I'd like to improve my English, so your correction for my errors would always be appreciated. I had learnt German and Chinese for 2 and 1 year respectively. 我学習中文有一年了. So I know some basics such as stock phrases, and how to pronounce German and pinyin. But my vocabulary and grammar are poor to communicate in them. Ich spreche nicht gut Deutsch. I'm a bureaucrat of Japanese Wiktionary, if you need some help there, please feel free to contact me. Futher information about me, see m:User:Electric goat.

Baa baa,